Fionnula Fiddle

Fionnula Fiddle

Fionnula Fiddle features Atlanta fiddlers Katherine Irwin Thomas and Suzanne Harner performing traditional music from Ireland and Scotland. Only separated by twelve miles of sea at their nearest point, it's not surprising that Ireland and Scotland share several cultural connections such as language, whiskey, sheep-- and especially great fiddle tunes! After playing several gigs with talented friends Claire Shirey (fiddle, concertina, dance) and Lauren Fariss (accordion, piano, guitar), Kat looked at Suzanne and said, "Hey, we should be a proper band..." Suzanne agreed and thus, Fionnula Fiddle was born. Influenced by some of the biggest fiddle groups in the British Isles---Altan, Blazin' Fiddles, Session A9-- Fionnula Fiddle strives to bring the beauty, the fire and the craic of traditional fiddling from the Highlands to home.

Stage 3

Saturday Performance

10:15 AMThe BlarneyGirls
11:15 AMColin Grant-Adams
1:00 PMThe BlarneyGirls
2:00 PMFionnula Fiddle
3:00 PMColin Grant-Adams

Sunday Performance

11:15 AMColin Grant-Adams
12:15 PMThe BlarneyGirls
1:45 PMScottish Fiddling Feature
2:45 PMColin Grant-Adams
3:45 PMThe BlarneyGirls
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