Piping, Drumming & Band Competition

Stone Mountain Highland Games is proud to offer the very best in Band, Solo Piping, and Solo Drumming competitions. Some of the best pipers and drummer in the world make their way to Georgia every year.

Because of the large field of competitors at Stone Mountain, most of the solo events offered at the Games are required events, although a few optional events are available. Pipers play alone in front of the judge, whereas drummers generally perform alongside a piper accompanist. All competitors are required to wear appropriate highland attire during their performance. During most "march" events, pipers are required to march along the platform as they perform for the judge.

Players are scored based on performance accuracy, musical tone and tuning, etc. Players new to sanctioned competition will generally begin in the lowest grade (often grade 4) and work their way upward through the grades by means of performance history and contest wins until they eventually, with hard work and a lot of practice, reach the professional level. All players may compete only in their assigned grade.

Be sure and check back here for information and future announcements.

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For more information, contact us at piping@smhg.org


Professional Piping Competition

The Stone Mountain Highland Games has always provided some form of musical entertainment on the Friday evening before the Games. Over the years weve hosted events from professional piobaireachd competitons that showcased many world class pipers, to recitals and even open competitions featuring local talent.

The Professional Piping events once again will be held Friday evening at our Host Hotel. We will have both piobaireachd and light music events.

Please visit the page later for more details on this event.

Band & Solo Competitions

All band and solo schedules will be posted the week of the games.
Times subject to change

The 2018 Piping and Drumming competition schedule is currently being processed. It will be posted no later than 1 week prior to the Games.


Band Contest Schedule


Grade Circle Band Time
5 2 Mercer University Pipes & Drums 2:00 pm
5 2 Hub City Highlanders 2:10 pm
5 2 Charleston Pipe Band 2:20 pm
5 2 17th Lancers 2:30 pm
5 2 Atholl Highlanders Pipes & Drums, USA 2:40 pm
5 2 Chattanooga Pipes & Drums 2:50 pm
5 2 Jamestown Pipes & Drums 3:00 pm
5 2 North Texas Caledonian Pipes & Drums 3:10 pm
5 2 Alabama Pipes & Drums 3:20 pm
5 2 Knoxville Pipes & Drums 3:30 pm
5 2 John Mohr Mackintosh Pipes & Drums 3:40 pm
5 2 City of Greenville Pipes & Drums 3:50 pm
5 2 Rosy O'Grady's Highlanders 4:00 pm
5 2 Baton Rouge Caledonian Pipes & Drums 4:10 pm
4 1 Loch Norman Pipe Band 2:05 pm
4 1 Jamestown Pipes & Drums 2:15 pm
4 1 North Texas Caledonian Pipes & Drums 2:25 pm
4 1 Atlanta Pipe Band 2:35 pm
4 1 Knoxville Pipes & Drums 2:45 pm
4 1 North Georgia Pipes & Drums 2:55 pm
4 1 Charleston Pipes & Drums 3:05 pm

Band Competition Circle Map


Solo Competition

Professional Piping events are being held Friday evening at 6:00pm at our Host Hotel. All other solo events for piping and drumming will be held at the Games field in the "Solo Competitions" area on Saturday, except for the Grade 4 piping which will take place Sunday.

If you are competing in a solo pipe or drum contest, please see the Solo Competition Steward Sheets.
Please review and verify your entry. If you notice any discrepancies, please contact us at piping@smhg.org.

The steward sheets will be available the week of the games.

Contestants must check in with the steward before they compete. Check in will begin at 8:00 am for the earlier contests on Saturday, and 15 minutes before the start of the Sunday contests. Order of play will be posted at the Piping/Drumming headquarters (see map). If any competitor fails to check in with the steward in a timely manor, they may be dropped from the competition.
Their will be NO FIELD ENTRIES.


Saturday & Sunday Solo Piping & Drumming Schedules


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Highland Dance Competition

Highland Dance forms for the 2018 games can be accessed by clicking on the link below. Entries must be postmarked by October 5, 2018. After that, entries must include late entry fees.

Highland Dance page.

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