The Tartan Taxi has been a long-time hospitality fixture of our games.

What is the Tartan Taxi?

The Tartan Taxi group of 8 passenger carts that assists the handicap and mobility challenged guests during the games weekend. The taxi's main task is to bring these guests into the event area from the parking lot and to help return these guests back to their cars at the end of the games. The Tartan Taxi operates from morning light till the conclusion of the games. Unfortunately, it is our policy to focus on our guest's transportation and not all their gear. You will see us carrying a few items but not "everything and the kitchen sink". Towing equipment means that our services are not being used for what really matters, getting you into the event to enjoy the activities. So with that said, you should make arrangements to have your gear hauled into the event. Most people bring a portable cart (For safety reasons; No unauthorized golf carts are allowed in our event).

How do you reach a Tartan Taxi for assistance? Anyone with a radio can contact us for service.

The Tartan Taxi crew hope you enjoy the weekend of our friendly games!