Steven Edward Dugald MacTavish was born in Montréal, Quebec, Canada on February 19, 1951. His parents were Stewart Edward Dugald MacTavish (26th Chief of Clan MacTavish) and Shirley Eileen Ferris of Halifax, Nova Scotia. In June of 2005, Steven MacTavish succeeded his father as the 27th Chief. In 1976 he moved his family to Ontario where he resides and shares life with his wife Nancy.

He attended Nelson High School in Burlington, Ontario where he played on two championship football teams and excelled at sprinting on the school's award winning track team. As an adult, Steven retained his love of sports by coaching numerous hockey and soccer teams for over 13 years. Although he did not have the opportunity to play these sports as a child, he derived a great deal of pleasure in teaching the kids on various teams how to have a good time regardless of the games outcome.

In addition to sports, he enjoyed numerous positions in the school's drama and theatre arts clubs. His work career includes extensive experience in the transportation and warehousing industries, and most recently, owning two franchised retail pet food stores where he specialized in educating the public in canine and feline nutrition.

Now retired, some of his interests include watching documentaries, movies, home repairs, cooking, feeding the birds and is an avid animal lover. He also spends time dabbling in documenting his maternal grandmother's family tree. As Chief of Clan MacTavish, he is proud and honoured to have the privilege to continue to serve clan members and remains active in the day to day activities of the Clan.

As for the members of Clan MacTavish, we are proud and honoured to have a 'working Chief '. He is a man of commitment and integrity, with a good sense of humour. Clan members look forward to many years of growth and celebration of our ancient heritage.