2020 Virtual Stone Mountain Highland Games

Massed Bands


This page will be your link to the 2020 Virtual Stone Mountain Highland Games.

Starting October 16th, links will be added to take you to the various events that make Stone Mountain a unique Scottish experience. Following our normal schedule, you will virtually be on the field experiencing all excitement that goes with attending our games. Except the food.

Friday we will present the Grounds opening of the Games. We will introduce you to setting up the event and the hundreds of volunteers who willingly give their time, talent, and labor each year. Next, we will present our Friday evening music recital of Celtic music to kick off the games.

Saturday is for the sights and sounds from the field as we virtually go around the Meadow with never before seen videos for the game's past and new content from our performers created specifically for the 2020 Games.

Sunday is a very special day. From opening remarks from our Guest of Honor, Iain Gunn of Gunn and of Banniskirk, Chief of the Clan Gunn to our Parade of Tartans (with a few surprises thrown in) will be a memorable occasion.

Once active, the links will always be available from this page. If you miss something or want to relive it, don't worry, it will be waiting for you on your schedule.

We may not be on the Meadow, but it is still October. Please join us for the 2020 Virtual Stone Mountain Highland Games.




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