Clans & Scottish Societies
Official Recognition Requirements

Clans invited to sponsor are limited to those Scottish Clans whose chief is entitled to three feathers or, if the chiefship is vacant, such person if found would be entitled to wear three feathers upon being granted the absolute and undifferenced arms of the last Chief by the Lord Lyon. The primary source used by Stone Mountain Highland Games for making such determination is the Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia Third Edition by George Way of Plean and Romilly Squire of Rubislaw.

Society sponsorship is open to officially recognized general Scottish societies, such as St. Andrews Societies, Burns Clubs, Caledonian Societies, etc., with membership open to all who may qualify. The Stone Mountain Highland Games may require a copy of articles of incorporation or constitution and bylaws for any such Society should the organizers not be familiar with the Society in question.

Only one tent will be available for each clan or society. When more than one group wishes to represent the same Clan, those groups must agree to share the same tent space and position in the Parade of Tartans. Both groups must sponsor in order to be listed in the program. Only one Clan Sponsorship application will be approved in lieu of such agreement.

Participation activities and events such as the Parade of Tartans and Clan Challenge are restricted to Sponsoring Clans and Societies only.

Invitations will be emailed to those organizations participating in past events. Materials will be emailed to the contact of record (last year's sponsor.) If, after notification that invitations have been sent, and you have not received yours, please contact us at Clan Information. Include particulars regarding qualification to be a sponsoring clan or society.

Clan & Society Sponsorship Benefits

Clan Sponsorship is a special form different from the Individual Sponsorship and IS NOT available online. Qualifying sponsoring Clans & Scottish Societies will join more than 100 fellow families on "Clan Row"; a meandering path through the pines of the festival grounds.

Clan & Society Sponsorships include:


To request a sponsorship package, please contact Wayne Malcolm, Director of Clan Activities at Clan Activities

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