Stonewall Scots Irish Folk Group is based in Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland. The group have been playing together for about four years. During that time they have performed at many venues throughout Ireland. The group took their name from Stonewall Jackson whose family were of Scots Irish stock from the Birches in Co. Armagh. Since their visit to Stone Mountain two years ago the group has appeared on B.B.C and R.T.E. television and radio a number of times.

Their repertoire of reels, jigs and ballads ensures there is something to suit everyone. Between them they play Fiddle, Flutes, Whistles, Accordion, Guitar, Banjo, Pipes, Keyboard / Piano and Percussion.

Stage 2
The BlarneyGirls



The BlarneyGirls 10:00 AM The BlarneyGirls 10:00 AM
The BlarneyGirls 2:00 PM The BlarneyGirls 12:00 PM
The BlarneyGirls 3:00 PM



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