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A trophy is a tangible, durable reminder of a specific achievement, and serves as recognition or evidence of merit. Part of what makes Stone Mountain Highland Games special, are the trophies. Winning a trophy at SMHG shows the achievement of the competitor's hard work and dedication to their heritage. In addition, it serves as a reminder of that special win they have for a lifetime.

2016 Trophies


Grade III Band Stone Mountain Highland Games Founders Trophy
Grade IV Band Clan Moncreiffe Society Ernest V. Moncrieff Memorial
Grade V Band Greg Maness Gene Maness Memorial


Athlete of the DayProfessionalJohn Mohr Mackintosh Pipes & DrumsMajor Lyn D. McIntosh Memorial
Athlete of the Day 2ndProfessionalJames N. Anderson 
Athlete of the Day 3rdProfessionalFamily of Bruce International 
Masters Athlete of the Day ProfessionalSponsoredRowland W. Murray, Jr. Memorial
Masters Athlete of the Day 2ndProfessionalClan Stewart Society in America 
Masters Athlete of the Day 3rdProfessionalSponsoredWilliam Inkster Memorial
Amateur Athlete of the DayAmateur ACooper Lake Automotive 
Amateur Athlete of the Day 2ndAmateur AClan Davidson SocietyAndrew Davis Award
Amateur Athlete of the Day 3rdAmateur AFamily of Bruce International 
B Amateur Athlete of the Day Amateur BTammy BusbinThe Henderson/Hill Memorial
B Amateur Athlete of the Day 2ndAmateur BCooper Lake Automotive 
B Amateur Athlete of the Day 3rdAmateur BCooper Lake Automotive 
Masters Amateur Athlete of the DayAmateur MCooper Lake Automotive 
Masters Amateur Athlete of the Day 2ndAmateur MCooper Lake Automotive 
Masters Amateur Athlete of the Day 3rdAmateur MCooper Lake Automotive 
Women's Amateur Athlete of the Day Amateur WCooper Lake Automotive 
Women's Amateur Athlete of the Day 2ndAmateur WCooper Lake Automotive 
Women's Amateur Athlete of the Day 3rdAmateur WCooper Lake Automotive 
Amateur 22 lb hammer throwAmateur AClan Cameron of Stone Mountain 
Amateur Sheaf tossAmateur ALarry Satchwell 
Amateur 56 lb weight throwAmateur ASt. Andrews Society of Atlanta 
Amateur 28 lb weight throwAmateur ABill & Barbara CarothersRay & Ruth Carothers Memorial
Amateur Caber tossAmateur ARichard SwansonRichard Swanson, Jr. Memorial
Amateur Stone of StrengthAmateur ASwanson FamilyGeorge Swanson Memorial

Highland Dance

Beginner IIPre-PremierNorman LivermoreMay MacLeod Livermore Memorial
Novice IPre-PremierClan Fraser Society of North AmericaThe Frasers' Salute "Failte Na Frisealach"
Intermediate IIPre-PremierClan Davidson SocietyCol. Floyd Stayner Memorial
Premier IPremierSt. Andrews Society of Atlanta 
Premier IIPremierJames KilloughJeanne D. Walters Memorial
Premier IIIPremierClan Johnston/e in AmericaWilliam Hartley Johnston Memorial
Premier IVPremierKillough School of Highland Dance 
Premier VPremierStone Mountain Highland GamesGretchen Anne Blaschke Memorial
Dancer of the DayPremierRosina GreyMairia Lindsay MacBeth Memorial
Most Promising NovicePre-PremierFriends of BillWilliam H. McDaniel Jr. Memorial
Best Male Dancer Paul & Dianna Hollis 
Beginner IPre-PremierBurt and Lisa TemplesMona Temples Memorial
Beginner IIPre-PremierR.S.C.D.S Atlanta BranchR.S.C.D.S - Bill & Carol Moss Memorial
Novice IPre-PremierJames KilloughLida Mae Douglas Memorial
Novice IIPre-PremierValerie Smith 
Intermediate IPre-PremierJames KilloughJ. Robert & Juanita Killough Memorial
Premier IPremierDianne Murray Pratt 
Premier IIPremierSponsoredIn Honor of Sarah & James Killough
Premier IIIPremierInez BootheEdward M. Boothe Memorial
Premier IVPremierStone Mountain Highland GamesGretchen Anne Blaschke Memorial
Most Promising BeginnerPre-PremierBurt and Lisa TemplesSteve Langston Memorial
Dancer of the DayPremierCharles BryanAnn Seagle Bryan Memorial
Dance School of the Games Stone Mountain Highland GamesDirectors Trophy

Clan Activities

Best Clan TentClan MacLaine of Lochbuie 
Best Clan SpiritSt. Andrews Society of Atlanta 
Clan Chalenge AthleticsSponsoredGerald R. Larkey Memorial
Kilted Race Best Clan ParticipationClan CarmichaelClan Carmichael Award
Kilted Race Adult Male Clan Gregor Society - Southeast  
Kilted Race Adult FemaleClan Gregor Society - Southeast 

Piping & Drumming

Professional Side DrumProfessionalSponsoredAlex Duthart Memorial
Grade IV Jr. Side DrumAmateurSponsoredAlex Duthart Memorial
Professional BassProfessionalSponsoredDouglas T. Grey, Sr. Memorial
Grade IV Sr. PiperAmateurSponsoredEd Neigh Memorial
Grade I Piper AmateurSponsoredEdmund B. Anderson Memorial
Grade IV Jr. PiperAmateurSponsoredHarvey Ritch Memorial
Professional PiperProfessionalInez BootheInez Gregory Boothe Family
Grade II Side DrumAmateurSponsoredJohn B. McLeod Memorial
Piper of the Day Clan Cameron of Stone MountainPaul Heany Memorial
Grade III Side DrumAmateurSt. Andrews Society of Atlanta 
Grade I Side DrumAmateurValerie Smith 


Harper of the Day Clan Anderson  
Harp Novice Paul & Dianna Hollis  
Harp Apprentice Kathleen Bingaman In Memory of George Bingaman IV
Harp Beginner Kathleen Bingaman In Memory of Gerry Bullard


Unsponsored Trophies

Please help us support these achievements by sponsoring a trophy.Not only do trophies honor the winner, they can commemorate the giver. Is there someone in your life that you would like to pay special tribute to? Do you have a friend or family member that you would like to honor? Now, is your chance to do so!

You can sponsor a Stone Mountain Highland Games trophy that is a true keepsake for the winners in Heavy Athletics, Highland Dancing, Piping & Drumming, and Harp. The cost of sponsoring a trophy is $70.00.For more information, contact us at

The following is a list of available trophies that do not have a sponsor.

Athletics Amateur 56 lb weight toss Amateur A
Highland Dance Beginner III (Sat.) Pre-Premier
Highland Dance Novice II (Sat.) Pre-Premier
Highland Dance Intermediate I (Sat.) Pre-Premier
Highland Dance Intermediate II (Sun.) Pre-Premier
Highland Dance Premier V (Sun.) Premier
Piping/Drumming Grade II Piper Amateur
Piping/Drumming Grade III Piper Amateur
Piping/Drumming Grade IV Sr. Side Drum Amateur
Piping/Drumming Professional Tenor Professional
Piping/Drumming Amateur Tenor Amateur
Piping/Drumming Novice Tenor Amateur
Piping/Drumming Beginner Tenor Amateur
Piping/Drumming Amateur Bass Amateur
Harping Harp Journeyman
Harping Harp Master

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