Graeme Mackenzie MA

Graeme Mackenzie MA is a Scottish professional historian and genealogist with over thirty years' experience researching and writing about the Highland clans.

He studied history at Cambridge University and worked initially as a rock music writer and broadcaster, developing an interest in country and bluegrass music whilst helping promote the prestigious Cambridge Folk Festival. He moved to Inverness in the late 1980s where he established Highland Roots Research and became an active member of local historical and genealogical bodies. He's written papers for the Gaelic Society of Inverness, and served for seven years as the Chairman of the Highland Family History Society.

In 1993 he was appointed Curator of the Clan MacMillan International Centre and since 1995 he's been the Seanachaidh of Clan MacKenzie. He's written extensively about the history and genealogy of both clans and in the course of his professional work he's acquired an unparalleled knowledge of other Scottish families and names.

In 2013 he published "Genealogy in the Gaidhealtachd: Clan and Family History in the Highlands of Scotland". He followed that up in 2015 with "Highland Clan and Family Histories: A Guide to Published Histories, Genealogies and Family Trees", and in 2019 with "Septs, Septnames and Surnames of the Highland Clans".

He was the founding Chairman of the Association of Highland Clans and Societies, which has a membership representing over 40 clans, and at its inception was invited by the Scottish Government to serve on its "Clans & Ancestry Forum". He travels regularly in North America speaking on Scottish history and genealogy, and has done two lecture tours of New Zealand and Australia. For more on Graeme and his work, see